Classical Logic and the Strict Tolerant Hierarchy (Chris Scambler)

The Logic and Metaphysics Workshop will meet on April 8th from 4:15-6:15 in room 7314 of the CUNY Graduate Center for a talk by Chris Scambler (NYU).

Title: Classical Logic and the Strict Tolerant Hierarchy

Abstract:¬†In this talk I will do three things. First: I will present the central results from Barrio, Pailos and Szmuc’s recent paper “A hierarchy of classical and paraconsistent logics” (forthcoming in the JPL) along with some generalizations derived by observing certain symmetries; second, I will discuss the relation between the strict tolerant logics and classical logic, K3 and LP; third, I will try to convey the exact state of uncertainty about the philosophical significance of the foregoing I find myself in on the day.

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